Nickname: Glamb Lamb
Pet: Lamb?
Lucky Number: 61
Favorite Color: Pink
Favorite Movies: About Music
Favorite Books: Music-related
Favorite Food: Grilled Cheese
Favorite Smoothie: Strawberry
Favorite Music: Pop/Rock
Favorite Class: Music
Favorite Passion: Singing
Shopping Style: Artsy

Adrienne is the triplet of Brigitte and Janelle. She is nicknamed Glam Lamb by her sisters and friends.


Adrienne calls herself the gorgeous triplet out of her sisters. She is the best singer out of her sisters and everytime she walks in the room, all eyes on her. Girls hate when she comes in the picture cause she take all the guys. Adrienne always let Brigitte get her into trouble. It's like Janelle the good triplet and Brigitte the bad triplet, and Adrienne is just in the middle and they're both telling her what to do.


Adrienne looks like her sisters, Brigitte and Janelle. She has a light skin tone and light brown hair. Her eyes are also olive-green. She is of Puerto Rican heritage.



Their parents are Angel and Sofia Vasquez



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