Year: Sophomore
Nickname: Miss Fit
Pet: Hamster
Lucky Number: 13
Favorite Color: Pink Shock
Favorite Movies: About Sports
Favorite Books: Sports-related
Favorite Food: Victoria Sponge Cake
Favorite Smoothie: Watermelon
Favorite Music: Trance
Favorite Class: Physical Education
Favorite Passion: Doing Physical Exercise
Shopping Style: Sporty

Ashby is one of the new dolls in the Bratz 10th Anniversary Collection. She is nicknamed Miss Fit" by her friends because she's a total sports star.


Ashby has an olive-fair skin tone and bright teal-blue colored eyes. Usually worn with light colored eye-shadow and pale red lipstick. Her hair is long with curly ends and a soft brown color with blonde streaks throughout it. Her long bangs frame her face with very few strands above her forehead.

Personality Profile

Ashby is nicknamed Miss Fit because of her sporty style! She loves being part of a team and thinks that it is so cool what can be done when working together. She hopes to win a gold medal someday.