Biographical Information
Nickname(s) Barbs, Stupid Blonde Girl, Idiotic, Evil
Gender Female
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Blue
Pet(s) ZuZu
Age 19
Birthday 8 December 1997
Occupation(s) Magazine Boss/editor
Relationship Information
Relatives Chelsea (Sister)
Relationships Dylan (ex-boyfriend)

Cameron (ex-Boyfriend)

Friends Barbie Inc.



Enemies Dylan







Frenemies {{{frenemies}}}
Other Information
Passion {{{passion}}}
Interests Fashion
Fears Bratz winning, Barbie/ Barbie Inc. Losing
Favorite color Red
Series Information
First appearance: Season 2 (Did not appear)
Latest appearance: Season 3 (Did not appear)
Voiced by {{{voiced by}}}
Barbarella 'Barbie' Demon (born 8 December 1997, age 19) was going to be a recurring character on Bratz who would have first appeared in the unexpected third series, but due to the cancellation of the show in late 2008/2009, Barbie never appeared on-screen. Barbie would had arrived in Stylesville (Bratz City) to meet her aunt, Burdine and write her article for the Barbie Inc. Before facing her old nemeses, 'The Bratz', who she had known since Kindergarten (nursery). As a result to this, she'd stolen Cloe's boyfriend, Cameron, and turned him against his friends. Barbie can be very evil at certain times, and goes to nasty lenghts to get her own way. She is very rude and a bully, towards friends or family, making her, the person with no actual friends.

She would had been voiced by Ashley Tisdale, as rumors spectulated.

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