Rebekah Lucy "Becca" Iqadi T'Challa (nee` Monroe) (born Rebekah Hodaya Daniella Esther Mignonette Grimaldi Renaldo Shereshevsky), one of the founding members of Little Darlings, is known for her tech-savvy skills and intelligence.


  • Mike Waldorf: Becca's adoptive father, a police officer and sheriff deputy.
  • Paige Waldorf: Becca's adoptive mother who owns a bakery.
  • "Nana" Waldorf: Becca's grandmother and Mike's mother. She lives with them.
  • T'Challa Udaku, Monarch of Wakanda: Becca's husband and soulmate.
  • Khadijah Udaku: Mosi and Becca's eldest daughter.
  • Rashida Udaku: Mosi and Becca's middle daughter.
  • Quedejah Udaku: Mosi and Becca's youngest daughter.
  • Her Grace Aneka Shereshevsky Harrison McConnell, Princess of Caledonia, Duchess of Caledonia: Becca's biological mother who died when Becca was an infant. She was the Princess of the (fictional) European country, Caledonia.
  • Richard Harrison-McConnell: Becca's biological father who worked as a aerospace engineer. He died when Becca was an infant.
  • Rachel Marie Elisabeth Shereshevsky Harrison McConnell: Becca's biological sister who died alongside their parents.
  • Raquela Louise Marguerite Shereshevsky Harrison McConnell: Becca's sister who died alongside their parents.
  • Philippe Shershevsky of Caledonia: Becca's grandfather and king of the Caledonian throne.
  • Clarisse Shereshevsky: Becca's grandmother who is the queen of the Caledonian throne.
  • Mr. & Mrs. McConnell: Richard's Catholic parents and the paternal grandparents of Becca.


Becca is "the independent" one in the group. She's intelligent and is very skilled in science, mainly chemistry.

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