Georgia Ella Rose Jane "Georgie" Monroe, better known as the vigilante Kool Kat, is a major character on superhero dark dramedy Sweet & Vicious. Georgie is a member and one of the founding members of the vigilante seven, The Darlings. She is an alumna and one of the two valedvictorians of Constance M. Lee High School-alongside talented introspective best friend (and closest friend) Effie Calligaris-graduating with a 4.0. She is also valedvictorian and alumna of MIT. She is also best friends with Kamran Khan, Cleo Zimmer, Daphne Tomasino, Quinn Watson-Springer, Tom Robinson, James Anderson, Wendy Green, Avery Blair and most importantly, Chloe Halljborn and Willow Forbes. At the start of the series, she is frequently harassed by the queen bees being accused of being a lesbian. It was revealed in Darlings Go Fourth that the rumor was started by Chloe over an event that happened in sixth grade. An artsy and alternative girl, Georgie shown an immense talent and intelligence for science, mainly chemistry and psychics. Georgie is known for her confidence and quirkiness as well as being fiesty and independent person, something that worries her father deeply. It is later revealed in the revival that Mike and Paige adopted Georgie after finding her underneath rubble of her dead parents' house. In The Girls Wanna Be Her, she is discovered to be a princess to a small country in Europe and forced into an arranged marriage to African royalty. The two get married in Spring. Throughout the miniseries, the two have their little quibbles which consists of Georgie's sarcastic remarks and T'Challa's serious nature. In the ninth episode, Georgie becomes pregnant and in the last episode, Baby Blues, she gives birth to a baby girl named Khadijah.


  • Mike Waldorf: Becca's adoptive father, a police officer and sheriff deputy.
  • Paige Waldorf: Becca's adoptive mother who owns a bakery.
  • "Nana" Waldorf: Becca's grandmother and Mike's mother. She lives with them.
  • T'Challa Udaku, Monarch of Wakanda: Becca's husband and soulmate.
  • Khadijah Udaku: Mosi and Becca's eldest daughter.
  • Rashida Udaku: Mosi and Becca's middle daughter.
  • Quedejah Udaku: Mosi and Becca's youngest daughter.
  • Her Grace Aneka Shereshevsky Harrison McConnell, Princess of Caledonia, Duchess of Caledonia: Becca's biological mother who died when Becca was an infant. She was the Princess of the (fictional) European country, Caledonia.
  • Richard Harrison-McConnell: Becca's biological father who worked as a aerospace engineer. He died when Becca was an infant.
  • Rachel Marie Elisabeth Shereshevsky Harrison McConnell: Becca's biological sister who died alongside their parents.
  • Raquela Louise Marguerite Shereshevsky Harrison McConnell: Becca's sister who died alongside their parents.
  • Philippe Shershevsky of Caledonia: Becca's grandfather and king of the Caledonian throne.
  • Clarisse Shereshevsky: Becca's grandmother who is the queen of the Caledonian throne.
  • Mr. & Mrs. McConnell: Richard's Catholic parents and the paternal grandparents of Becca.


Becca is "the independent" one in the group. She's intelligent and is very skilled in science, mainly chemistry.

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