Bratz: Genie Magic

Bratz Genie Magic-0

Release Date(s)
April 11, 2006
Hip-O Records
Matthew Gerrard

Bratz: Genie Magic Soundtrack was released on April 11, 2006 under the same name as the movie.

Track List

  1. Me & My Girls
  2. Make You Wanna Dance
  3. Never Gonna Give Up
  4. The Way We Shine
  5. When We're All Together
  6. Only You
  7. The Real You
  8. Livin' It Up
  9. Life's A Wild Ride
  10. All Together
  11. Makin' It Happen
  12. Rollin'
  13. Invincible
  14. Bratz TV Theme (Remix)

Special Edition

  1. I Won't Stop
  2. Never Back Down
  3. Everything
  4. They Don't Understand Me

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