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Bratz Rock Angelz is an album from the Bratz doll series. A special animated arc was dedicated to it, as was a game. The episodes are in three full length parts.


Bratz Rock Angelz

Bratz Rock Angelz part 1

October 4,2005
Douglas Carrigan

After Jade is fired from Your Thing she and the other Bratz retaliate by forming their own teen magazine!


One day at the cafe, Sasha, Cloe, and Yasmin are simply enjoying the day when Jade runs up to them with some exciting news! She's gotten a job working for the magazine "Your Thing". She is very happy and so are the others but she finds it a difficult job soon enough...

Eventually it is lunch break and Jade was tasked to retrieve and bring Burdine her lunch. Not knowing what the head of Your Thing wanted, Jade asked Kirstee and Kaycee what Burdine loves to eat and they claim it's a cheeseburger. When Jade brings back the lunch Burdine is very angry, so angry in fact that she fires her, her children, and her children's children, all while berating her and kicking her out. Jade doesn't get the chance to tell her what happened and she sadly tells the others of her day...

Eventually, in hopes of cheering her up, the Bratz decide they will start their own magazine instead. One better then Your Thing.




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