(Scene opens in Stylesvile with Cloe in her car)

Cloe (looking in her rearview mirror): Mmm, funkalish. (starts her car and drives away, through a neighborhood to Yasmin's house)

Yasmin (coming out of her house, talking to Jade): Jade, you are totally not gonna believe the car Cloe bought.

Cloe: It may be old, but it's BOLD.

(Scene changes to the football field where Jade is filming the football team practicing as she turned to Cloe)

Jade: And... action!

Cloe (turned and stared directly into the camera): Hi. I'm Cloe. But you can call me Angel, cuz that's what I am. Oh, what else should I say?



(Cloe walks over to the gym where Sasha, Meygan, Nevra, Dana, Eitan, and the Prom Committee are setting up) Cloe: Now, let's check in on Sasha and see how her Prom preparations are getting along. (turns on the camera and face Sasha inflating a balloon) Hey, Sasha. Got a minute to do your on-camera? It's time to record the deep thoughts of our Prom Committee chair.

Sasha (puts the balloon on the table): Alright, how should I start?


(Scene changes to the computer lab where Sasha and Yasmin are)

(Scene changes to the girls driving home, decked out in after-beach attire, with Cloe and Jade in the front and Sasha, putting on her sunglasses, and Yasmin in the backseat)

Yasmin (applying lipstick): We should be filming, girls. (picks up the camera) The sunset will make our tans possibility glow. (turns on the camera and films Cloe driving)

Cloe: If I do say so myself, the wind blowing look is awesome for my hair.

Jade: If you don't say it, I will.

(Scene cuts to the next day at Stiles High)

Jade (takes the paper): "Has Prom Power Player Sasha..." (looks at Sasha) That'll be you. (continues reading) "lost her grip on the biggest night of the year?"

Sasha: What? Let me see that. (lunged for the paper but Jade pull it back)

JAde: "Our sources tell Daily Doings that the Prom purveyor is falling apart at the seams."

Sasha: I am not. And what sources?

(Scene switches to the Fashion Mall when the bus drops off the girls and drives away, leaving a fog of smoke)

(Scene changes to Cloe's house)

Cloe: So yesterday we went to the mall for some serious shopping. Now we can relax at one of our famous slumber parties.

(In the cafeteria, everyone was talking and laughing when Eitan looks around and walks up to Dana)

Eitan: What's all the commotion, Dana?

Dana (giggles): Eitan, you gotta check this out. (hands the new Daily Doings paper, with a picture of Cameron wearing a mudpack with thick cucumber slices over his eyes, to Eitan)

Eitan (reading): "Stiles High Grease Monkey Primps for Prom!" (laughs) What was he thinking letting someone take his picture like this?

Dana: His eyes were covered. My bet is he didn't even know.

(Cameron storms in, angry, with Dylan following)

Dylan: No, I mean it, Cam. Can you recommend a blush that will bring out my eyes?

Cameron: Keep it up, Dylan. I'll bring your eyes.

Dylan: Touchy.

(Cameron rushes over the girls' table as students laugh)

Student: Look.

Jade: Cameron, this...

Cameron: How did the paper get those pictures?

Cloe: We don't know, Cameron. (Sasha and Yasmin gasp) Wha...

Cameron: You and your friends were the only ones there.

Cloe: Cameron, I swear...

Cameron: And suddenly, I'm the laughing stock of the school? (throw the paper down and walks off)

Cloe: Cameron, wait.

Cameron: Someone should come pick up your car, cause I'm not going to the Prom. (storms off, leaving Cloe sad)

(Scene fades to the library)

(Scene changes to the Stylin' Salon 'N' Spa)

Yasmin: Before you say anything,...(stepped closer and pulled a sheet of paper with the headline: Daily Doings Done from behind her back) I want you to see this.

Jade (takes the paper and read): "Daily Doings Done."

Cloe (takes the paper): "I'm not anonymous, I'm Yasmin."

Sasha (takes the paper): "And I've hurt my best friends in the whole world by dishing and dissing them." (Cloe, Jade, and Sasha look at Yasmin)

Yasmin (takes the paper back): You can read the rest in tomorrow's paper. Right now, I wanna apologize in person. I'm sorry. When the column first came out and people thought it was boring, I want to spice it up. Then, when everyone started talking about it, I felt... important.

Cloe: Yasmin, you are important.

Jade: To each of us.

Sasha: You're our friend.

Yasmin: I didn't know those things were gonna hurt your feelings. i guess i got carried away and didn't think at all.

(Scene changes to Yasmin talking to Cameron, then switches to Cloe's house as the song Clothes Make the Girl plays)

(Scene changes to the School hallway)

Cade (starts filming as he backs up and opens the gym door): And action!

(The girls and boys made their way up into the vast gymnasium until they stopped short and gasped in horror)

Sasha: What's going on?

(Koby lowered the camera and stood there, dumbfounded. All of the students, dercked in formal threads, were standing around, confused and bewildered as there was no photographer taking pictures, no tunes playing or finger foods or drinks. Nerva and Eitan came up to Sasha)

Nerva: Sasha, the photographer called. He's quitting the photo business to become a painter. He said sorry.

Sasha: What? Oh, no. Sorry don't cut it. Where's DJ Chip-Chop?

Eitan: In bed with the flu.

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