Bratz vs.Brats
Season 2, Episode 9
Bratz vs Brats
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This episode is in season 2. It is avalible on the Bratz: Good Vibes dvd.


When the Bratz have to make a layout for Jules Designs on their magazine, Jules wants the Bratz to babysit his children: Ashton and Ashley.


The bratz take photos of Jules and Cloe suggests they should make an article called "Jules a model and fashion designer". Jules leaves the office to privately talk with Sasha. Then Burdine is found in the hallway and Sasha discovers that Burdine is making a layout for Jules as well! Suddenly, two kids come running out of the elevator, screaming with excitement,and they hug Jules. Sasha and Burdine are shocked that Jules had children. Their names were Ashton and Ashley. Jules could not watch his children so Burdine tries to get the kids with her but they were terrified and ran into Sasha. Jules exclaims, "Oh Sasha! Just look how the kids love you!" Sasha says yes to watching his kids. She takes Ashley and Ashton to the Bratz Magazine office and Cloe, Jade, and Yasmin are speechless after Ashton says, he is spending the day with them and Ashley adds, all day. Ashton and Ashley cause alot of trouble. Later, Sasha tells the kids they need to show some respect and Ashton anwsers, "Why should we? You haven't shown us any respect". The bratz were surprised. They just wanted the kids to be quiet so they can get an account for Jules Desgins. The bratz and the kids decided to work together and finish the layout. But it was too late! Jules came to the office to pick up the kids and read the layout but it wasn't finished. Ashley admits to Jules that she and Ashton didn't want to leave. They hated that Jules always ignored them because of the job he has. Jules decides that he will put cutbacks on his job to spend time with his children.


"Entertain us! Entertain us! Entertain us!"

- Ashton and Ashley

"Listen, we are not going to entertain you"

- Jade

"Nanny Margret wouldn't say that! She'd put on a pirate hat and do a dance"

- Ashley

"A dance? I can do a dance! Check it." (starts dancing)

- Sasha

"Where's your pirate hat?"

- Ashley

(stops dancing) "I wouldn't wear a pirate hat if you paid me!"

- Sasha


- Ashton and Ashley


Ashley looks like Dana (Bratz Kidz Sleepover apearence)

The Tweevils hate pretending to be horses

Jules dislikes kiss-ups

Nobody gets an account on Jules Desgins but the Bratz get a small add for their magazine