Fashion Pixiez - Breeana
Year: Freshman
Nickname: Red Fairy
Pet: Butterfly
Lucky Number: 13
Favorite Color: Lavender and Pink
Favorite Movies: Fairy Movies 
Favorite Books: Fairy Tales
Favorite Food: Honey Cakes
Favorite Smoothie: Elderberry
Favorite Music: The Harp
Favorite Class: All
Favorite Passion: Shopping at the Secret Pixie Mall
Shopping Style: Casual/Pixie-Like

Breeana first debuted in the Fashion Pixiez Movie. She is nicknamed Red Fairy by her friends.


Breeana appears to be a shy freshman, due to her being younger than the Bratz. However, throughout the Fashion Pixiez Movie, she proves to be feisty, brave and clever when she saves everyone from Lina.


Breeana has slightly curly reddish-brown hair. She has pink highlights in her hair. Her eyes are light purple and her skin tone is light.

Fashion Pixiez

Breeana's makeup consists of: pink and purple eye-shadow, dark purple mascara, pink blush and peach-pink nude lipstick. Her black top has a red and purple butterfly on it and the sleeves are made up of red mesh-netting. She wears a purple and red mini-skirt with a black belt on top of her jeans. Her dark blue jeans are decorated with nature-themed objects and rhinestones. On her feet, she wears pixie-like shoes.



Breeana is the younger daughter of Melvino and Dee. She has an older sister named Cymbeline and an aunt named Lina.


Breeana is friends with: Cloe, Jade, Yasmin, and Sasha.


Breeana has a crush on Dylan.


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