Nickname: Tea Party Princess
Pet: Unknown
Lucky Number: 13
Color: Pink
Favorite Movies: Nature Documentaries
Favorite Books: Fairy Tales
Favorite Food: Cupcakes
Favorite Smoothie: Berry
Favorite Music: Elegant
Favorite Class: Science
Favorite Passion: Looking after Animals
Shopping Style: Buying Pet Clothes to Keep Them Looking Stylish

Brielle is a doll in the Bratz Masquerade collection. Her nickname is Tea Party Princess.

She has a vague resemblence to Cloe.


Brielle is dressed as a tea party princess light, almost pale skin coloring with a red heart on one cheek and a pink on the other. Her eyes are a soft shade of purple while she has very curly, frizzed white-blonde hair. Her bangs are chest length and frame her face while the rest of her hair is worn up in a frizzy, curled mass. She wears a black hat with three white stripes around the band. She wears light makeup.

Brielle's color theme consists of soft pink and black with some white. Her dress resembles a short Princess gown with puff skirt and sleeves, with a black corset like part below her chest with pale pink string and polka dots. She has a plain black bow around her neck and she also wears white pantyhose/stockings and knee length black boots.


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