Profile adrienne (3)
Nickname: Pretty Poodle
Pet: Poodle
Lucky Number: 38
Favorite Color: Pink, Black, Green and Silver
Favorite Movies: Romantic Drama and Dance Movies
Favorite Books: Historical and Dance Novels
Favorite Food: Green-Bean Casserole
Favorite Smoothie: Avocado
Favorite Music: Pop and Blues
Favorite Class: Dance
Favorite Passion: Writing in her Diary
Shopping Style: Cute

Brigitte is the triplet of Adrienne and Janelle. She is nicknamed Pretty Poodle by her sisters and friends. She is different from the Brigitte of the "Style It" Collection.


Brigitte looks a lot like her sisters. She has light brown hair and olive green eyes. Her hair is also curly. She is from a Puerto Rican heritage. She is the middle child.


Brigitte Is kind of the bad triplet. She has a quiet and shy style, but she's not. She love singing and dancing with her sisters. She is the best dancer out of her sisters, she like to rap. Sometimes she and her sister always talk about starting a group together. She's not scared of anything. She like to try new things, but to her family comes before anything.


Their parents are Angel and Sofia Vasquez

Janelle: Older twin sister

Adrienne: Younger twin sister

Shania, Krysta, Siernna: Bestfriends