105263245-260x260-0-0 MGA Entertainment Bratz The Movie Bratz Boyz Bryce
Nickname: The Bear
Pet: Unknown
Lucky Number: Unknown
Favorite Color: Black
Favorite Movies: Unknown
Favorite Books: Unknown
Favorite Food: Unknown
Favorite Smoothie: Unknown
Favorite Music: Unknown
Favorite Class: Unknown
Favorite Passion: Caring for Animals
Shopping Style: Smart

Bryce's friends have nicknamed him The Bear, due to his nurturing spirit and fascination with animals.


Bryce is mainly produced with dishwater blonde hair, green eyes, and a tanned complexion.


Bryce is very loud, but kind and warm-hearted, earning him many friends among the Bratz. His love of animals indicates his nurturing, benevolent nature. Bryce first appeared in the Bratz: Secret Date collection, and his love interest is confirmed to be Fianna.


He appeared in Bratz: Genie Magic. Bryce is seen having a relationship with Katia at the end of the movie.


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