Burdine Maxwell


Mother of Pink and the Raining Queen of Fashion
Favorite Color:
Lucky Number
Favorite Movies:
Favorite Food:
Salad, Hamburger
Favorite Smoothie:
Favorite Music:
Pop (probably)
Favorite Class:
Fashion & Design
Fashion Passion
Pink & White Colors
Shoppin' Style:
Pink Clothes & Makeup

Burdine Maxwell is the great founder, president and editor-in-chief of Your Thing Magazine, the rival of Bratz Magazine. She is very prideful and conceited, constantly considering herself as the reigning queen of fashion. She is also very jealous of the Bratz, so she always plots to shut down their magazine in order to put them down and make herself more popular. She is often aided by Kirstee and Kaycee, whom she usually treats poorly. She also loves pink which is her favorite color. If Burdine so much as looks at any junk food, she starts hyperventilating and is a bit of a drama queen. Her favorite saying is "Mother of Pink". Royal her brown chihuahua with pink hair is the only other thing she cares about other than herself. She was first introduced in Bratz Rock Angelz. Burdine and her sister Burnice are complete opposites, Burnice is nice whereas Burdine is spiteful. Because of Burdine's hatred towards the Bratz, she is a bit of a Barbie due to the fact that she loves pink, she hates the Bratz and she wants to shut down Bratz Magazine.


Burdine has shiny, blonde hair and always wears a diamond encrusted, silver tiara. Her lips, forever set in a frown, are always coated in pink lipstick. Her nose is a pointy shape and sticks out when you view the side of her face. Her eyes are always covered with bright blue eye shadow and framed with mascara. She fails to leave home without her pink blazer and matching skirt, though it seems she doesn't wear a shirt underneath. She wears hot pink stiletto pumps to finish off her look. Kirstee and Kaycee often gossip about Burdine regarding her appearance and origins.

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