Nickname: The Viper
Pet: Viper?
Number: Unknown
Lucky Color: Black
Favorite Movies: Thrillers and Action
Favorite Books: Unknown
Favorite Food: Pizza with Everything On It
Favorite Smoothie: Unknown
Favorite Music: Unknown
Favorite Class: Drama
Favorite Passion: Acting
Shopping Style: Anything Leather

Cade is nicknamed The Viper by the Bratz and his friends because he's quick to make a move and always looks out for his friends.


Cade has dark brown hair, brown eyes, and tan complexion, despite being produced with blonde hair in the Boyz Play Sportz collection.

Personality Profile

Cade regards himself as being slick in sticky situations and appears to have a somewhat rebellious spirit. He is loyal and protective of his friends, but often acts on impulse. In Bratz: Starrin' & Stylin', he is seen riding his motorcycle and at the prom.


Cade is friends with Cloe, Yasmin, Sasha, Jade, Dana, Meygan, Nevra and Fianna. He is also friends with Cameron and Bryce. His relationship with Eitan, Koby and Dylan has yet to be expanded. He hasn't met Thad as of yet.

His ex is Sorrel.

He is dating Ariane and he's so in love

His baby sister is Carlyn