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The Blaze, Cam

Cameron is officially known as The Blaze, however is more often referred to as 'Cam'. One of the original Bratz Boyz, Cameron is now rarely produced. Similarly to Yasmin, Cameron was named for a child of MGA Entertainment's president (Isaac Larian).


He has blond hair, which is sometimes shown to be a dirty blond/light brown colour. His eyes are light blue, with Cloe referring to them as "dreamy" at one point during the television series. Cameron has a Caucasion skintone, and is often produced with a tan. Like the other Boyz, he is slightly muscular.


Cameron is a great skater, as shown in the animated series, he is also a daredevil, when he made a deal with Cloe the deal was if she survies a day in the woods camping, he will have to to pick her up and walk all the way around the high school track field and if she didn't, she had to pick him up. Cameron did not win and had to pick Cloe.


Cameron's closest friend is Dylan, while he is also shown to socialise with Eitan and Koby.

His romantic interest is Cloe, as shown in season one of the Bratz television series, and various Bratz films (Starrin' & Stylin', Rock Angelz, and Bratz: The Movie). Other girls are shown to be interested in Cameron romantically, such as Kirstee and Nicole (in the television series) and Meredith (in the live-action film), but Cameron primarily shows interest in Cloe, and gets jealous of her relationships with other guys (as seen in Bratz: Rock Angelz, when Cloe begins to date Nigel Forrester).

He only had a small love interest with Roxxi as in the episode New Kid In Town he was spotted "flirting" with her, according to Cloe

Female Friends

Sasha, Yasmin, and Jade.

Lela is his ex-girlfriend


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