Nickname: Coconut
Pet: Bat
Lucky Number: 48
Favorite Color: Purple
Favorite Movies: About Lawyers and Novels
Favorite Books: Feminists
Favorite Food: Kroketten
Favorite Smoothie: Jackfruit
Favorite Music: Hard Rock, SR-71
Favorite Class: Literature
Favorite Passion: Defend Ideals and Friends
Shopping Style: Geek and Cool

Carrie is one of the new dolls in the Bratz 10th Anniversary Collection. She is nicknamed Coconut by her friends.


Carrie is a pale-fair skinned girl with unique violet colored eyes. Her hair is pretty long and has a soft brunette color with softer brown highlights. She seems to like purple and usually wears makeup that matches her eyes. her style is like a school girl type of appearance. Her cousin is Sharidan.


Carrie is called Coconut by her friends because she is tough, but sweet! She always has her friends’ backs, no matter what! She is passionate about fighting for what she believes to be right and does not like it when she feels injustice is at hand. She believes she would be an amazing lawyer someday because of this.


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