Carry Nation High School
Los Angeles, California
School Colors
Black and Red
Team name
Principal Dimly

Carry Nation High School also known as Carry Nation High, is the main set of Bratz: The Movie and, it is the school which everyone attends at. The principal of Carry Nation High is Principal Dimly, Meredith's father. Meredith, herself, is the student body president, and claims to be the most popular girl in school. She organizes everyone into their own cliques and makes sure everyone is with their own groups. For instance: Jade, Cloe, Sasha and Yasmin are all in different groups, which pulls them apart for two years.

Every year at Carry Nation High, there is a talent show, run by Meredith, who holds auditions every year. She makes sure that only terrible people get in so that she will win. However, the girls decide to sign up without auditioning, so Meredith comes up with a plan to split them apart. But, when they show up on the night and perform, they end up getting the scholarship, while, Meredith is just awarded with the Golden Hatchet.



The actual school used to film Bratz, was Santee Educational Complex in South Los Angeles, California. The original school colors are Black and Gold.


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