Catherine Sirtise is the cousin of Effie Calligaris and Zoe di Angelo.


Catherine is the complete opposite of her cousins. She is spontaneous, always trying something different and exotic. She enjoys the spa and talking on the phone with her friends.


She is described with brown hair and light brown eyes due to her Hispanic and Greek heritage. Like Effie, she has a beauty mark under her right eye.


  • Zoe di Angelo: Cousin
  • Zoe's brothers: cousins
  • Effie, Hominska and Dorrit Calligaris: Cousins
  • Sunshine & Rainbow Baxter-Dimly: Step-cousins.
  • Finn Richards: Cousin-in-law. Effie's future husband.
  • Gerry Richards: Once removed cousin. Effie and Finn's son.
  • Cece Hummel: Great-Aunt. She and her grandmother, Cookie, are sisters.

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