Cherish Dimly
Likes The Bratz
Dislikes Meredith
Portrayed by Emily Rose Everhard

Cherish is the younger sister of Meredith in the Bratz: The Movie, and therefore youngest daughter of Principal Dimly. She is the love interest of Yasmin's younger brother. According to him, Cherish is "athletic, yet very hot." Her age is unknown, and she does not appear in any of the Bratz cartoons/movies. She is portrayed by Emily Rose Everhard.



Cherish has brown hair and brown eyes. She has a tiny gap between her two front teeth and she usually dresses casual - shirt and jeans. (Except for Meredith's party! and the talent show)



  • She is Meredith's sister.
  • She is only seen three times.
  • At Meredith's party, she wore a clown suit.

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