Nickname: Snaps
Pet: Dog
Lucky Number: 50
Favorite Color: Red
Favorite Movies: Cult and Music
Favorite Books: About Rock and Ancient History
Favorite Food: Hot Dogs
Favorite Smoothie: Wimp
Favorite Music: Rock
Favorite Class: Music
Favorite Passion: Vintage Clothing
Shopping Style: Thrift Stores

Ciara is one of the new 2011 Bratz Xpress It (2nd Edition) dolls. She is nicknamed "Snaps" by her friends.


Ciara has tanned skin with big, deep brown colored eyes and blonde, very long hair that appears to be frizzy with straight cut bangs above her eyes. Her makeup is usually noticeable against her skin tone.


Ciara is called Snaps because she is as smart as a whip! She is all about mixing trendy styles with some vintage edge ones. She and Daphne love hitting up the local thrift stores.


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