Cinderella is a girl featured in the episode "Cinderella". She is most-known for looking exactly like Yasmin, to the point of perhaps being a long-lost twin.

Chic Cinderella
Nickname: Pretty Princess
Pet: Rat
Lucky Number: 99
Favorite Color: Pink
Favorite Movies: Bratz
Favorite Books: Bratz
Favorite Food: Potato Pancakes
Favorite Smoothie: Dragon fruit
Favorite Music: Rock
Favorite Class: School Dances
Favorite Passion: Playing her guitar
Shopping Style: T-shirts


As well as resembling Yasmin, Cinderella also happens to act like her too! She is very sweet and friendly to others but also soft-spoken and shy.

But she seems to also have a non-princess like personality too, and simply adores playing her guitar or listening to rock music.


Cinderella is a lightly tanned skinned girl with long, straight brown hair and gray eyes. Her makeup is very light and simple.



Sir Cachi is Cinderella's father. They are very close to one-another and he is a super styling fashion designer who met an untimely end when Burdina Maxwella married him so that Cinderella could have a mother. She then murdered him by giving him too many carb loaded foods.


Cinderella is friends with Sasha, Jade and Cloe.


Cinderella has a small pet rat.


Eitan though she doesn't marry him.