"Hey there, I'm Cloe! Art is my life... Painting or drawing, you name it, I love it! I'm obsessed with sparkling fabrics and anything pink, but I'm tough too – I'm a super soccer player!" 

Cloe (also known as Angel) is one of the original four members of the Bratz Pack. She appears in every collection, as she is very likely to appear in any newly released collections.

Cloe has blonde hair, blue eyes, and a light skin tone. She is of Icelandic heritage. In some lines, Cloe has been produced with colored streaks in her hair (pink, blue, etc.), or with a tanned skin tone.


Cloe is a very playful, down-to-earth and confident individual who looks at life through a different lens, always snapping pictures of and filming her friends. She is naturally athletic and full of energy; as such, she loves to participate in a wide variety of sports (such as motor-cross, cheerleading, soccer and skateboarding). Cloe's signature color is blue, but she also enjoys the color pink. Her best friend is Yasmin, but she loves spending time with every member of the Bratz Pack. She is flirty, energetic, clumsy, and imaginative, but her friends help her stay grounded. For Bratz magazine, Cloe is the Advice Column Writer.

Starrin' & Stylin'

Cloe has a strong artistic streak in this film; she loves sketching out fashions, and enjoys photography. Cloe was hardly ever seen without her sketchpad.

CGI Animated stories (Rock Angelz, television series, etc.)

Throughout the Bratz television series, Cloe is shown to be a drama queen (Sasha sometimes calls her 'Drama Mama' because of this) - sometimes her imagination runs away with her, but her friends help keep her grounded! In the film Bratz: Passion 4 Fashion Diamondz, Cloe claims to have agoraphobia (a condition where the sufferer becomes anxious in unfamiliar environments, or in situations where they perceive that they have little control).

Bratz: the Movie (Live Action)

This adaptation of the Bratz shows Cloe to be very clumsy, constantly falling over and knocking things to the ground. She is shown to be a skilled soccer player despite this.

​Web Series

Cloe's latest incarnation portrays her as being ditzy but caring. Her personality is closest to her original Starrin' & Stylin' counterpart, enjoying art and photography.










Nigel Forrester, Ninth Duke of Lessex

  • Cloe meets Nigel in Bratz: Rock Angelz. The two start a relationship, causing Cameron to become jealous.
  • Nigel refers to Cloe as "Pretty Princess" (Yasmin's nickname), and is rude to the rest of the Bratz, all the while complimenting the Tweevils.
  • Cloe dumped Nigel at his brother's dinner party, as he was dissing her best friends.


BOOKS: Various references to Cloe and Cameron having feelings for each other are made throughout the books written for the Bratz franchise around the time of the Starrin' & Stylin movie. (TO BE EXPANDED)

Cloe and Cameron after their dance at Prom

STARRIN' & STYLIN': Cloe and Cameron are close friends throughout this film. Cameron helps Cloe when she gets into a car crash, and continues to then fix her car. After this, they have a few small disagreements, but they work things out. Cameron is shown to be very comfortable at Cloe's house, as well as around Cloe in general. At the end of the film, at the Prom, Cloe and Cameron share a dance and talk about growing closer as friends in the past week.
  • ROCK ANGELZ: At the start of this film, it is revealed that Cloe and Cameron have known each other since the second grade. Even after all that time, Cloe claims that she "still can't figure him out". They flirt openly with each other at the smoothie bar, and Cloe promises to teach Cameron how to do a '720' on his skateboard sometime. On the plane ride over to London, Cloe and Cameron make plans to see Big Ben together. However, Cloe then meets Nigel Forrester, and promises to go see Big Ben with him instead. This results in Cameron becoming jealous, and when Cloe finally ends it with Nigel, Cameron finds her wandering the streets of London. He tells her to get on his motorcycle with him, and they ride off into the night together. They then dance together at the opening of Pinz. The next day, while skateboarding in London together, Cameron asks Cloe if she believes in love at first sight - she responds that she's not so sure, causing Cameron to sadden.
TELEVISION SERIES: Despite developments made in the Rock Angelz film, Cloe and Cameron remain friends throughout the television show. The following are episodes in which Cloe and Cameron interact prominently:*1.04 Sasha's Big Interview: Cloe comes down with a Cold and Cameron takes care of her.

Cameron taking care of Cloe when she's sick (Sasha's Big Interview)

  • 1.05 Slumber Party: This episode opens with the pair racing each other on their motorbikes. They were meant to have a study date later that same day; Cameron, however, bailed in order to help cheer-up Dylan after he got stood up his own date. At the end of this episode, Cameron comes to Cloe's house so that they can study for Chemistry together, but Cloe tells Cameron that "[their] Chemistry is going to have to wait a little bit longer". The Character Profile provided for Cameron on this DVD also states that Cameron views Cloe as his perfect girlfriend, noting that "she's totally clueless!".
  • 1.06 Truth Or Dare: Cloe confesses to having a crush on Cameron in a dare.
  • 1.16 To Catch A Thief: Cloe and Cameron are spending time together at the holiday lodge, when suddenly Nigel appears. This visibly agitates Cameron. When Nigel becomes a suspected thief, Cameron volunteers to spy on him with Cloe. While they're watching him, Cloe and Cameron hold hands and stare into each others eyes: Nigel sees them and becomes jealous, however, and hits his knocks Cameron out with his croquet ball.
  • 1.15 Survivor: TO BE EXPANDED.
  • 1.11 Camping: Cameron bets Cloe that she wouldn't survive one night in the woods. The Bratz accept the challenge, and while they are camping, it is reported that there is a bear in the area. Cameron comes to save Cloe from this bear.
  • 1.19 New Kid In Town: Cloe is openly jealous of Roxxi when Cameron is supposedly 'flirting' with her. In addition to this, Sasha implies that Cameron and Cloe have 'something going on' - which Cloe denies, claiming that the pair are "just friends".
  • 1.20-22 Paris I,II and III: the Bratz, Cameron and Dylan go to Paris to investigate a string of poisonings. While there, Cameron becomes involved with a model named Nicole, and Cloe becomes very jealous. When it is revealed that Nicole is behind the poisonings, Nicole comments to Cloe that "maybe now Cameron will finally stop talking about [her]", showing that even though Cameron was hanging out with another woman, Cloe was still on his mind. Cloe appears pleased to hear this.
  • 2.11 Alien Encounters: Cloe and Cameron sit together in their classes. After Cameron has been transformed into an alien slave, he encourages Cloe to 'look into his eyes!' and she does, remarking that "uh... oh-oh... uh-oh! They are awfully cute!".
MOVIE: In the live-action movie, Cameron is Meredith's boyfriend. However, he loves Cloe and not Meredith. This ca
Cameron 2015
uses a love triangle effect. Meredith+Cloe-Cameron-Cloe. Meredith starts the food fight because of Cameron & Cloe's relationship. She sees them speaking to each other so Meredith sends her dog to stop them. Cameron is usually seen hanging with Meredith, Avery and Quinn. In the end, he dumps Meredith and Cloe kisses him. He is portrayed by Stephen Lunsford in the 2007 movie.

2015 REBOOT: ​In the latest Bratz reboot Cloe and Cameron have become an established couple, with both packs containing Cameron stating this outright.
















  • She is the cousin of Cloetta, from Bratzillas.
  • Cloe's name came from the word "Chloe", which means "blonde" in Latin.
  • Polita Hankins is Cloe's mother, and Sonya is her older sister. Cloe also has younger siblings, twins Isabela and Colin. Cloe's family members only appear as a part of the doll line.
  • Her pet pig does not appeared in the live-action movie. However, her belt buckle design has a little girl holding her pet pig which could be referenced to her pet.


She was voiced by Olivia Hack in the first season in the Bratz television series, and by Britt McKillip in the second season. In the 2007 Bratz movie, Cloe is portrayed by Skyler Shaye. Nikki Kaffe and Nicole Munoz have also been linked to this character.


  • Fashion Passion: Animal prints and glittering fabrics – Definitely dramatic!
  • Likes: Mixing feminine frills with a rocker's edge, going on fabulous adventures with my Bratz besties, snapping pics and shooting videos of my friends, updating my fashion blog with our latest looks, and challenging the boys to a soccer match (I'm always the winner, of course!)
  • My Friends Say I'm...: Sweet, but tough!
  • Fave Color: Blue
  • Fave Food: Thai curry/all sorts
  • Love to Read: Big, twisty mysteries... I love trying to figure it all out!
  • Love to Watch: Big action thrillers - in 3D!
  • School Subject: Art! Painting, drawing, sculpture and especially photography... I can do it all!
  • Shoppin' Splurges: The latest beauty products, anything glittery and glamorous
  • My Perfect Day Would be: Hanging with my girls at the mall for lunch, then going on a crazy shopping spree!
  • My Fave Pair of Shoes: Classic black heels with an ankle strap for added toughness!
  • My Quirks: I get so wrapped up in taking photos that my friends always remind me to enjoy the moment!


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