Fashion Pixiez - Cartoon Cymbeline
Year: Junior
Nickname: Green Fairy
Pet: Dragonfly
Lucky Number: 18
Favorite Color: Lime Green
Favorite Movies: Drama
Favorite Books: Magazines
Favorite Food: Muffins
Favorite Smoothie: Possibly Lime/Apple
Favorite Music: Pixie Tunes
Favorite Class: Art
Favorite Passion: Going Out to Parties
Shopping Style: Stylish and Trendy

Cymbeline first debuted in the Fashion Pixiez Movie. She is nicknamed Green Fairy by her friends.


Cymbeline usually gets annoyed when things don't go her way. She doesn't pay much attention in class and cares more about having fun than her studies. She can be seen as rebellious, due to the fact that she went against her father to get her pixie wings ahead of time because Lina enchanted her under a spell.

However, when Lina's spell over her was broken, thanks to her father, she was revealed to truly be caring, loyal, brave, selfless and kind.

According to Sasha, Cymbeline is the most "together" person she knew who never got in trouble.


She has green eyes, dark red (reddish brown or auburn) hair that seems to usually be worn up in a messy bun. Her thin bangs are framing her face, revealing her forehead. Her skin tone is a bit pale and she wears reddish lipstick and green-blue eye-shadow.



She's the daughter of Dee and Melvino, and has a younger sister, Breeana.


She is friends with Cloe, Jade, Sasha, Yasmin and Dylan.


She was voiced by Janyse Jaud and appears in the Fashion Pixiez DVD.