Profile daphne (3)
Nickname: Miss Bliss
Spirit Animal Unicorn
Lucky Number: 36
Favorite Color: Pink
Favorite Movies: Femelle and Animation
Favorite Books: Chronicles and Poems
Favorite Food: Fish and Chips
Favorite Smoothie: Barbados Cherry
Favorite Music: Bubblegum Pop
Favorite Class: Math
Favorite Passion: Going to Parties
Shopping Style: Innocent and Sweet

Daphne is one of the 2011 Bratz Xpress It (2nd Edition) dolls. She is nicknamed "Miss Bliss".

She shares a name with the Crystal Collection doll Daphne.


She has light tone skin, blue eyes and brown hair. She is Puerto-Rican.


Daphne is called Miss Bliss because she has a rosy outlook on life. She is very sweet and kind.


Ciara and Rina are her bestfriends

Koby and Ashley are her cousins