Dee Movie
Nickname: Queen Fairy
Pet: Pegasus
Lucky Number: 9
Favorite Color: Winter White
Favorite Movies: Fashion Pixiez
Favorite Books: Alan Carr
Favorite Food: Blueberry Pie
Favorite Smoothie: Pineapple
Favorite Music: Soft Rock
Favorite Class: Dancing
Favorite Passion: Modeling
Shopping Style: Fairy Dust

Dee is the wife of Melvino, younger sister of Lina, and the mother of Breeana and Cymbeline. She only appeared in the Fashion Pixiez Collection.


Dee has platinum blonde hair that seems to be slightly wavy or curly with bangs out of her face. Her eyes are purple and her skin is light.

She usually has a blue-themed attire and wears a pink and blue pair of wings. She usually brings a wand with her wherever she goes.