Dexter is a member of the Science Club. He is the love interest of Jade. It is shown, he also has feelings for her because he always stands up for her. He said, "You are seriously superior" meaning, she is great/amazing. Jade is said to have feelings for Dexter and it is proved to be true when, she is seen sighing at him in a love way. At the end of the movie, Jade kisses Dexter. He is not featured in the Bratz cartoons/movies. He is portrayed by Chet Hanks.


Dexter has short hair and pale skin. He usually wears very smart clothes, due to him being good at Science and Math.



(unknown-present; crushes)

Dexter is Jade's crush. It was shown, that, she had feelings for him on the first day, when, she took off his glasses and sighed in a loving way. Dexter is always the one to call Jade over to sit with them. When the Bratz get back together, Dexter comes over to Jade and says, "We think you need to spend more time with us, or we need to cut you from the roster." and Jade replies saying, "Dexter, don't be that guy." and Dexter replies saying, "I'm afraid that's not up to me. We had a real chemistry, Jade." Also, Dexter sticks up for Jade, when, another guy tries to flirt with her. He gets into a physical fight with him and makes him apologize to Jade.

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