Nickname The Dragon

Eitan is nicknamed The Dragon by the Bratz because he's a nonstop hotshot. 


He can at first be shy, but when he really gets to know people, he could be cheeky such as pranks. His hobbies include video games, comics and electronics.

He is a friend to Thad, and a great friend to Dylan. There seems to be no connection to Cameron. He's best friends with Koby.

He appears in Bratz: Starrin' & Stylin' on the prom committee, setting up the DJ booth, outside Stiles High reading Daily Doings with Meygan and at the cafeteria with Dana and at the prom, and the Bratz: Rock Angelz and Bratz: Forever Diamondz video games, working at his smoothie stand as seen in the television series. In the games, if scarce on Blingz, he always has a delivery set up.


Eitan has brown eyes sometimes blue, as well as varying hair colors such as black to brown hair, he is Filipino. He has a light olive skin tone, but is seen with a tan in the television series, whenever produced as a doll.

Love Interests

He is seen in several episodes of the past Bratz animated series with a love interest in Yasmin.