Extremely Made-Over
Season 2 (Bratz: BFF (Best Friends Forever), Episode 1
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Extremely Made-Over is the first episode of season 2 of Bratz.


The Bratz hired an asisstant name Prudence, not realizing she's the niece of Burdine who sent her as an undercover spy.



  • This is the first episode of the second series of Bratz.
  • New voice characters are introduced.



Prudence: I was about to tell you everything when I came to the office. You see… (Burdine walks out of the office)

Burdine: There you are, you traitor! Wait till I tell your mother about this!

Jade (confused): Burdine knows your mom?

Prudence: Burdine is my mom’s sister.

Cloe (gasps): Ew! That mean you’re…

Jade, Yasmin, Sasha, and Cloe (shocked): Burdine’s niece?!?

Yasmin: You poor, poor girl.

Burdine: Finally! I’ve save enough to retired to Tahiti! Your Thing was yours! All you have to do was prove yourself by betraying the Bratz!

Evan Moles' Attorney: Burdine Maxwell, I’m an attorney for Evan Moles. (Reach into her bag and pulls out a stack of papers) Mod for your magazine's false interview, Mr. Moles is suing you for $1.3 million dollars. (Hands the papers to Burdine)

Burdine: Ugh! My savings! My retirement! (Toss the papers in the air) Come here, you twittering twin nitwits! (Heads towards the office) We’ve got a magazine to run!