Camp felicia
Nickname: Glam Gecko
Pet: Gecko
Lucky Number: 35
Favorite Color: Orange
Favorite Movies: Nature Films
Favorite Books: Nature Photography Books
Favorite Food: Trail Mix
Favorite Smoothie: Mango
Favorite Music: Anything that can be Danced to
Favorite Class: Biology
Favorite Passion: Layering Different Looks
Shopping Style: Shopping All at Once

Felicia has been produced three times as a Bratz and once as a Bratz Big Babyz. She was first produced in the Winter Adventure line from 2005. She is nicknamed Glam Gecko by her friends.


She has brown eyes, and dark brown hair with copper highlights. Her skin is darker than Sasha's. She is of African heritage.


Felicia is a unique girl that loves the glam of life just as much as she loves the great outdoors! She is just as comfortable dancing at the hottest clubs as she is pitching a tent in the woods. She loves to shop for things all at once so that she can then go weeks without shopping. She also likes to layer clothing styles so that she can change them whenever she feels the need to.


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