Princess Fianna Doll
Birthday October 20
Year: Junior
Nickname: Fragrance
Pet: Butterfly
Lucky Number: 3
Favorite Color: Chartreuse Green
Favorite Movies: Dance Movies
Favorite Books: Travel Books
Favorite Food: Anything Spicy
Favorite Smoothie: Papaya
Favorite Music: Brazilian Jazz
Favorite Class: Portuguese Language
Favorite Passion: Mixing delicate styles in bright colors for a flirty fun look
Shopping Style: She takes a really long time to make up her mind

Fianna may be a funky fashionista, but she's also way down to earth.


She has varying eye colors (usually green or blue), varying shades of blonde to light-brown hair, and a tan skin tone. Fianna is of Brazilian and Portuguese heritage.

Personality Profile

Fianna is called Fragrance by her friends because of her love for sweet smells, trying new perfumes and a graceful, and ladylike personality. Fianna is also a dancer; she enjoys ballet, samba (both in which she strongly excels) and contemporary. She also has a passion for acting, as well, meaning she has a talent for the arts.


She is best friends with Cloe, Jade, Sasha Yasmin, Dana, Nevra, and Meygan.

Bryce is her boyfriend.

Carlito and Lluvia Brooks are her parents.

Fianna Fins is Her witchy cousin.

Nevra is more of a sister to her.

Kesara, Sivan, Aira are her baby cousins



She is voiced by Jessica DiCicco. She first appears in the Bratz TV series Season 1 of Episode 9: Trading Faces, where Dylan tries to impress her by entering a dance contest and dressing up as a girl in order to get close to her.

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