Profile geneva (2)
Nickname: Sea Goddess (fan-made) 
Pet: None
Lucky Number: 9
Favorite Color: Ocean Blue and Pretty Lilac
Favorite Movies: Ocean-related
Favorite Books: Mermaid Mysteries
Favorite Food: Seafood
Favorite Smoothie: Melon
Favorite Music: Classical
Favorite Class: Swimming
Favorite Passion: Masquerade Parties
Shopping Style: Pretty, Shiny and Underwater Cool

Geneva first appeared in the Masquerade Doll Line. She doesn't have a nickname, just a fan-made one.


Nothing much is known about Geneva's personality, however it looks like she enjoys parties and events. She also likes to get glam and be treated like royalty due to the crown she is wearing on her head.



Geneva is dressed as a sea goddess. She has a tanned skin tone, purple hair, and light blue eyes. Her white top is strapless and has frills on the end. The skirt resembles a shiny mermaid tail with puffy blue netting on the ends. Her heels are a sparkly blue shade and match the skirt. 


Brigitte is her cousin

Odelia is her bestfriend



Doll Lines

So far, Geneva has only appeared in the Masquerade Doll Line.