Bratz I.Candy Banner

"Check out the new i-Candy colors from Bratz! Clothing, accessories, even hair! And the newest member of the crew, Phoebe. The world's most dazzling fashionistas Phoebe, Yasmin and Cloe come with sweet candy colored combos. Lime green and liqourice black, turquiose and peppermint pink, lemon yellow and orange orange. Matching accessories, fabulous fabrics and hip new hair. The tastiest new colors from the girl's with a passion for candy color fashion!"

I.Candy is a doll line from Bratz. It features: Cloe, Phoebe and Yasmin.


The I.Candy dolls first came out in the year 2005. Then the name got changed to 'Candyz' and then later on to 'Sweetz'. The 'Sweetz' dolls didn't come with bags, only the collector card.



Bratz I00:31

Bratz I.Candyz Commercial (2005)

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