Power: Heals Broken Hearts
Witchmark: Heart-Arrow
Pet: Kissifuss
Favorite Color: Blood Red
Favorite Food: Toasted Road
Favorite Smoothie: Peppermint Spider Latte
Favorite Music: Harp Rock
Favorite Class: Fashion Magic
Favorite Passion: Urban Witchy

“I'm a true romantic with gorgeous goth glam style! Love troubles? No problem...'cause I can heal your broken heart in a heartbeat!”

Goth glam Jade J'Adore loves everything about love! With her devilish pet love monster Kissifuss by her side, Jade J'Adore has the power to heal a broken heart!


She loves punky glam looks, luxurious lace, mysterious eyes and hearts on everything!


Bratzilla Jade's original hair color seemed to be a short auburn with brown eyes but when transformed it's white, and her eye's are a nice shade of magenta or some shade of pink, she has red lips, her skin tone is that of a pale-grey and her cheekbones have blush on them in a red or some lighter color. 

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