Birthday: December 25
Year: Sophomore
Nickname: Sunshine
Pet: Snake
Lucky Number: 9
Favorite Color: Yellow
Favorite Movies: Classical and Dramas
Favorite Books: Dama and Historical
Favorite Food: French and greman food
Favorite Smoothie: Cherry Vanilla
Favorite Music: Soul and Classical
Favorite Class: Science
Favorite Passion: Studing
Shopping Style: Nerdy

Joelle is one of the new dolls in the Bratz 10th Anniversary Collection. Her nickname is Sunshine.


She has pale skin tone, blonde hair and caramel brown eyes. She also has a beauty mark underneath her right eye.

Personality Profile

Joelle is called Sunshine by her friends because she is super bright. She is described to be one of the best students in Stylesville High because of her intelligence and resourcefulness. She can be usually found studying or reading, and is also a great problem solver.


Virgina and Karl are her older twin brother and sister

Ailani is her younger sister

Jaylene is her bestfriend