Birthday: July 20
Year: Junior
Nickname: Bee Bop
Pet: Persian cat
Lucky Number: 6
Favorite Color: Pink
Favorite Movies: Everything, Everything (Movie only)
Favorite Books: If I Stay and Where She Went
Favorite Food: Soul food
Favorite Smoothie: Pomegranate
Favorite Music: Hip Hop and Pop
Favorite Class: Chemistry
Favorite Passion: Dance
Shopping Style: Hip Hop

Keelin is the twin sister of Sorrel. She is nicknamed Bee Bop because of her talent for dancing.


Keelin looks a lot like her sister, Sorrel. She has brown eyes and a light tan skin tone. She and Sorrel are African-American & Puerto Rican. Her hair is brown with light brown streaks.


Keelin is called Bee Bop by her friends because she's a dancing machine! She loves to dance, like Sasha, whenever she'd be in school or hanging out with her twin Sorrel. A talented dancer, she enjoys hip-hop and rave.


Adam & Kate Williams are their Parents

Sorrel: Older twin sister

Tessa: Bestfriend