Nickname: Spirit Adventurer
Pet: Horse
Lucky Number: 25
Favorite Color: Brown and Blue
Favorite Movies: Wild West and Cowboy Movies
Favorite Books: Nature Books
Favorite Food: Baked Fish
Favorite Smoothie: Nut
Favorite Music: Country and Pop
Favorite Class: Biology
Favorite Passion: Riding on her Horse
Shopping Style: Country Style

Kiana is a doll introduced in the "Wild Wild West" collection. However, it is the only Bratz collection she appeared in. Kiana was discontinued because Mattel held a trademark on a character named "Kianna" in their Teen Trends doll collection.


She has brown eyes, black hair, and a deep tan skin tone. Kiana is of Native American heritage.


Kiana is nicknamed Spirit Adventurer because she is courageous and brave. She loves to ride on her horse.


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