Birthday: April 28
Year: Junior
Nickname: Twizt
Pet: Dachshund
Lucky Number: 35
Favorite Color: Pink and Black
Favorite Movies: Comedy and Superhero movies
Favorite Books: Romance
Favorite Food: Cheesecake

Favorite Smoothie:


Favorite Music: Pop and Pop/Rock
Favorite Class: Dance
Favorite Passion: Amaze Friends
Shopping Style: Alternative

Kina is nicknamed Twizt. She appears in the Fall 2008 Passion 4 Fashion collection.


She has black hair with pink streaks and green eyes, she also has light skin tone. She is Asian-American and Puerto-Rican.


Kina has a super sweet personality but she's very protective of herself and views the world as a dark place. She is very cautious about the people she hangs around. She is has a very big heart, however, and regards herself as anything but normal. She resembles Melanie Martinez.


Ciara & Nevaeh: Bestfriends

Destiny and Aubrey are sisters to her



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