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Tweevil Doufis
Favorite Color:
Lucky Number:
Fave Movies:
Favorite Food:
Ice Cream
Favorite Smoothie:
Favorite Music:
Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears
Favorite Class:
Fashion & Design
Fashion Passion:
Pink and White Colors
Shoppin' Style:
Pink Clothes

Kirstee is one of the Tweevils, as with her twin sister Kaycee. She appears in the animated TV series as one of the antagonists, along with Burdine Maxwell. Her and her sister are often used as comic relief.


Kirstee looks a lot like her sister, but she can easily be recognized as the twin without the bandage across her nose. She also has a crown like piece around her bun of hair, while Kaycee has a bow.


Kirstee is more aggressive than Kaycee and because of this, she is usually put in more harder tasks like spying on the Bratz. She can be mean, controlling, and even abusive to Kaycee as well and makes her do things instead of doing them herself.

She admits she isn't nice, and she seems to like it. But this also makes her stubborn, she never wants to apologize or admit she was wrong.


She is voiced by Kaley Cuoco. She appears in most of the video games, movies and episodes. There was doll made of her from the line Pretty n Pink.


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