Profile lela (2)
Nickname: Shine
Pet: Ragdoll cat
Lucky Number: 47
Favorite Color: Light Pink and Black
Favorite Movies: Comedy and Cult Movies
Favorite Books: Best Sellers
Favorite Food: Stuffed Mushrooms
Favorite Smoothie: Pussberry
Favorite Music: Teen Pop and Funk
Favorite Class: Art
Favorite Passion: Phone Conversations
Shopping Style: Style Striped Chic

Krysta is the twin of Lela. She is also nicknamed Shine by her friends.


She has platinum blonde hair, pale skin, and brown eyes. She is the older twin. She is Caucasian.


Krysta is very down to Earth. She loves talking to her friends and they love listening to her- she's very open minded and creative. She's generous and confident in herself.


Lela is her younger twin sister

Scott (Cloe's cousin) is her boyfriend

Brigitte, Shania, and Siernna are her bestfriends