Ooh La La Cartoon Kumi
Nickname: Lucky Bug
Pet: Chihuahua
Lucky Number: 6
Favorite Color: Red and gold
Favorite Movies: Horror and Drama
Favorite Books: Classic Novels
Favorite Food: Anything Asian
Favorite Smoothie: Lemon-Lime
Favorite Music: Pop and rock
Favorite Class: Photography
Favorite Passion: Exploration and Travel
Shopping Style: Street style and chic

"I take my camera everywhere I go so I don't forget the super fun times I have with my friends - or the great new fashion ideas I see on the street!"

Kumi first appeared in the Tokyo-A-Go-Go Collection. She is nicknamed Lucky Bug by her friends.

Her first appearance was in the Tokyo-A-Go-Go Collectors' Edition, dressed in a Japanese kimono. She later appeared in the Ooh-La-La, Sweet Dreamz, and Bratz Class (Europe-and Australia-exclusive collection, that was first introduced as the Back to School collection).


Kumi is presumably Japanese and usually has vague resemblance to Jade. Her eyes are brown and her hair is long, flowing and black. Her skin is pale.


Her best friend is May Lin.

She's friends with Leah, Felicia, Sorya, Kiana, Lana, Charli, and Tiana too.

Personality Profile

Kumi is from Tokyo but she won't stop until she has seen the world! Kumi's friends think this world traveler is one 'Lucky Bug'.

Because Kumi wants to capture the memories, the beauty, and the great new fashion ideas she sees everywhere she goes, Kumi is never without her camera!



Kumi makes an appearance in the Bratz video games. She has black pigtails and wears a peach-red strap blue shirt and a peachy-red skirt. She doesn't give any tasks but in Bratz Girlz Really Rock, you have to ask her about her pet, who Kirstee believes is really a wolf when it's actually a Chihuahua.

She also appears in Bratz Forever Diamondz.