Lil' Bratz Party Time!

Lil' Bratz Party Time

Release Date

Lil' Bratz Party Time! is an interactive DVD released in 2005 under the Bratz series. You get to choose what the Bratz do next as you help them set up for a party.


In their interactive DVD adventures, you can plan a party with the Lil' Bratz. From picking out the invitations, selecting the cake, setting the theme - you choose how the Bratz throw the best party ever.


Disc #1 -- Bratz Interactive: Lil' Bratz Party Time!

  1. Start the Party!
  2. Amazing Activities!
  3. Storytime
  4. Balloon Fun
  5. Piñata
  6. Dance Party
  7. Sing-a-Long
  8. Karaoke
  9. Music Videos

Awesome Extras!

  1. Coming Soon to Lionsgate DVD
  2. Now Available on Lionsgate DVD
  3. Credits
  4. Tutorial

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