Profile Lilee
Nickname: Cherry Blossom
Birthday: March 14 (Pisces)
Pet: Swan and Polar Horse
Lucky Number: 2, 6
Favorite Color: White and Pink
Favorite Books: Romantic Classics
Favorite Food: Strawberry Cake, Shrimp
Favorite Smoothie: Rose
Favorite Music: Romantic Ballads
Favorite Class: Art and Painting
Favorite Passion: Lip Gloss and Dresses in Romantic Colors, Flowers, Love
Shopping Style:

Romantic, Feminine, Floral, Vintage Clothes and Accessories

Lilee is nicknamed Cherry Blossom by her friends, most likely because she is romantic and sweet like these pink, pretty flowers.

She has appeared in the Sweet Heart Collections (C.E. and basic) and in one Sportz Collection (2006).

She appeared in one collection of Lil' Angelz (Zoo) and in a Babyz Storybook Collection (Bo Peep).

Lilee is also very hard to find.


Lilee has light blonde hair with reddish-brown highlights, a very pale skin tone, pink lips, and blue-gray eyes.

She has long wavy hair that is parted to the right. Her make-up consists of blue-gray eye-shadow and pink lipstick.

In the Basic version of S.H., she had platinum blonde hair.

She has a particular face-mold (the one used for Jade in many occasions). 

She is possibly of Swedish-Nordic heritage (a little sign is the polar bear in the Lil' Angelz Zoo collection).


Peyton is like a sister to her

Nora, Dresden, Adrienne, Nona and Lela are her friends


"Isn't it romantic? Whether she's on a picnic for two or dancing cheek-to-cheek, Lilee is walking on air!".

Lilee is romantic, and can always be found dreaming. She definitely is a sweet and romantic person.