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Pet: None
Lucky Number:
Color: Baby Blue and Light Pink
Books: Mysteries
Class: Journalism
Passion: Yoga
Shopping Style: Sweet and Stylish

London loves to read books and do yoga. She appeared in the Bratz Tv Series Episode: "Kidnapped ". She studied Journalism in college and was also a famous singer.


London is a very sweet girl and she has a lot of similar interests to Yasmin. She is also a good fighter. She's also a heiress to the Milton billions, goes to parties, museums, and libaries for free, and her parents own a hotel chain and does charity work.


London has mid-length light blonde hair and wears a parisian styled blue beret. Her eye makeup consists of eye liner and grey eyeshadow. Her lipstick is a very light pink colour. She wears a baby blue crop top with her inital and a short mini pink skirt with blue belt.


London is a parody of Paris Hilton.

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