Mandy Pickett

Mandy Pickett is a teenage cheater, who attempts to steal the Diamond Go-Go Boots from Sharidan. She was the first contestant at America Rocks Fashion Show picked by the Bratz, and later got kicked out. Mandy had also allegedly framed their second contestant named Tiffany and eliminated her. Mandy was absolutely jealous of Sharidan and stole the boots and got away with the Bratz truck. The Bratz almost caught her, and later got tricked. Sharidan appeared in her face when she was finished insulting the Bratz as they were in the subway. Mandy ran in the subway tracks and Sharidan saves her. However, Mandy seemingly cries while Sharidan tries to comfort her until Mandy pushes her and tries to get away, but the Bratz appeared right in front of Mandy after they got out of the subway train, and she was arrested. She is voiced by Cree Summer.




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