Magic Makeup Maribel (Cartoon)
Nickname: Party Penguin
Pet: Penguin
Lucky Number: Unknown
Favorite Color: Unknown
Favorite Movies: Unknown
Favorite Books: Unknown
Favorite Food: Homemade Tortillas
Favorite Smoothie: Unknown
Favorite Music: Hot Salsa Music
Favorite Class: None (Skate Practice)
Favorite Passion: Taking Style Off the Street and Adding a Touch of Cool Glam
Shopping Style: Online Shopping

Maribel is nicknamed Party Penguin by her friends. Her first appearance was in the Ice Champions Collection.


Maribel's nickname suggests that she loves to party and is very well mannered. Her passion is Ice Skating and she finds it more fun doing it with her friends. Maribel has appeared in Ice Champions, Magic Makeup and Lil' Angelz.


Maribel has long brown hair with red highlights. Her eyes are blue and she has a light skin tone.

Ice Champions

Her brown bangs are cut across her face. Maribel wears a orange long sleeved top and a orange matching skirt. She also wears orange net leggings and white skating boots.


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