Profile Marielle (2)
Nickname: Duchess Fabulous
Pet: Cat
Lucky Number: 16
Favorite Color: Black and White
Favorite Movies: Epic Movies
Favorite Books: Fairy Tales
Favorite Food: Roast Chicken and Potatoes
Favorite Smoothie: Pineapple
Favorite Music: Jazz and Pop
Favorite Class: Literature
Favorite Passion: Shopping
Shopping Style: Vintage and Classy Styles

Marielle only made an appearance in the Canada-exclusive line, Haute Couture en Coulisse 2nd Edition. Her nickname is Duchess Fabulous.


Marielle is quite bossy, but very charming according to her friends.


She has blonde hair, blue eyes, and a pale skin tone. She has a vague resemblance to Cloe. She is Canadian.


Daphne (Crystal): Older half-sister

Lela is her bestfriend

She's good friends with Ariane, Etienne, and Amelie as well.