May Lin
Profile Maylin (3)
Nickname: Lotus Flower
Pet: Panda
Lucky Number: 11
Favorite Color: Pink
Favorite Movies: Eastern Movies
Favorite Books: Japanese Fairy Tales
Favorite Food: Bo-Zushi
Favorite Smoothie: Apple
Favorite Music: Traditional and Electronic Japanese Music
Favorite Class: History
Favorite Passion: Being a Geisha
Shopping Style: Pairing floaty fabric's in pretty pastels with a little sparkle!


She was only produced once, as a Toys R Us store exclusive in the Bratz World Tokyo, Japan collector's line. Her name was culturally inaccurate and considered offensive - May Lin is a mis-romanization of Meilin, a stereotypical Chinese name, yet the character was portrayed as being Japanese. No back-story was given to explain the discontinuity. MGA Entertainment's customer service representatives once stated that May Lin was permanently discontinued because of the apparent cultural ignorance. However, the character did appear on the official Bratz website in late 2006 as a selectable character for customizing holiday e-cards and in the Bratz 2007 annual and has now been continued in the Bratz Ice-Champions story. Her On Ice artwork was featured on a Top Trumps trading card with a small bio about herself.


She has blue over brown eyes (some blue over her eye connecting to the blue in her eyes), however, they are green in the animation. She wears shiny white and silver eye shadow, has very long black hair that is styled into a bun, pale fair skin, and two different shades of red lips. She wears shrine and flower print kimono with her sleeves being pink, and orange, and at the waist she's wrapped with a sash called an obi, she also comes with zōris, a stand to hold her in place, a small Japanese mirror, a fan, and other accessories.

The May Lin doll gives a resemblance to the other doll, Jade. Probably because they both are of Asian heritage. Though many people get mixed up with them just by the cartoon looks.


Her best friend is Kumi and she's also friends with Tiana


There is not much said about May Lin's personality, but due to the resemblance of her and the other Bratz Doll Jade, she might be somehow like her, is nicknamed Lotus Flower, being sweet and smart and loves the orient fashion and a half more traditional also likes to innovate.



The doll's selling name is Bratz World Collector's Edition Tokyo Japan May Lin and can be sold on the internet for the average price of $36.99 - $89.99, most likely because she is a collectors doll and is very complex. She was only produced once, as a Toys R Us store exclusive in the Bratz World Tokyo, Japan collector's collection.