Meredith Baxter Dimly
Nickname: Diva

Being the center of attention, Cameron, her dog Paris

Dislikes The Bratz, cliques being disbanded, Cameron paying attention to Cloe
Portrayed by Chelsea Kane

Meredith Baxter Dimly is a character that only appears in the live-action Bratz: The Movie as the main antagonist.

Meredith is the daughter of Principal Dimly, and student body president of Carry Nation High School. She claims to be the most popular girl in school and she spends her time with AveryQuinn, and Cameron. She lives with her younger sister, Cherish, and her dog, Paris, in a huge house with a pool in the back garden. Meredith is very vain and thinks shes beautiful and amazing. She is forever showing off, and she is enemies with Cloe, YasminSasha and Jade a.k.a the Bratz. She thinks she's the "queen bee" of the school and expects everyone to bow down and look up to her. She controls everything from where everybody sits to the activities they join, but, when the Bratz came to the school, she tries to separate and destroy them for disbanding her clique system (As she says, "creating anarchy in her kingdom"). She is portrayed by Chelsea Kane.


Meredith has light-tone skin and buttery-blonde hair. She usually wears casual but trendy clothes. She does not appear at all in the Bratz cartoon shows/movies or the video games.


As the typical queen bee, she is a narcissistic girl who thinks that she's superior to everyone. Also, she is mean, rude and vile; not tolerating that someone is better than her and doing mean things for getting whatever she wants. When the Bratz came to school, she sees them as a threat for her kingdom, and tries to destroy them whatever it takes.


She has a father, who is also the principal of the school. She has also a mother and a little sister named Cherish, who is the polar opposite of hers. The two sisters don't get along.

She has a huge crush on Cameron, which is unrequited, as Cameron is more interested in Cloe. Also, she has her two best (and only) friends Avery and Quinn at her side.

She despises the Bratz for disbanding the cliques, and she makes their lives miserable. She hates Cloe the most for being Cameron's love interest and accuses her for stealing her doll when they were kids (Which was a lie, as it was Cherish who stole her dolly, for Meredith was using it as a doorstop).

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