Meredith's Super Sweet 16 Party was a party that was thrown to bring back the cliques. The idea was come up with when Meredith and her friends were hanging out in her back garden whilst Meredith was in the pool and Avery and Quinn were on sun lounges. Since the Bratz girls had brought everybody together, Meredith was angry and wanted to force everyone back into their groups. So, Quinn came up with the fact that Meredith was at the "height of her popularity" at her Super Sweet 16, therefore Meredith decided to throw another to Avery and Quinn's confusion, as she was already 16. She then explained that she was going to use the invitations to bring "organization and harmony" back to their school. The girls weren't invited but still ended up going as they had to be the servers there, because Cloe's mom lost the original ones. MTV filmed it because Meredith's mom is best friends with the producers.

Musical Numbers

Meredith sung a song at her party called "Fabulous".


  • This was the first time Meredith sung a song in the movie.
  • Meredith purposely embarrassed Yasmin there when she played a video of her singing with Bubbie on the jumbotron. She got the video from Yasmin's brother. He later apologized to Yasmin at the Talent Show when everybody was confessing things.
  • At the party, Meredith magically changed outfits when she was showered with golden dust.
  • Meredith rode an elephant at her party.
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