Power: Flying
Witchmark: Wings
Pet: Wingzy
Favorite Color: Midnight Blue
Favorite Food: Chicken Wings
Favorite Smoothie: Marshmallow Macchiato
Favorite Music: Trance Dance
Favorite Class: Broom Gymnastics
Favorite Passion: Sporty Supernatural

“I’m into high flyin’ supernatural style! Want your wildest dreams to take flight? I can help you spread your wings and fly!”

Meygana Broomstix and her charming winged pet Wingzy show off their high flying style wherever they go.


She loves all shades of blue sky, late night parties, cloud hopping, fluttery capes and helping your wildest dreams take flight.


Meygana is the witchy cousin of Meygan whom she shares similar features with. Meygana has red curly hair and green eyes.

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